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Session Prices:

Session Length

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2 hours

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There has been a slight increase in our prices as of September 2021 due to an increases in our hourly wages for staff as well as rising hall hire costs at many of our venues and the ongoing restrictions placed on us due to Covid. There is a discount available for parents paying for 3 or more sessions per week, please inquire if you think you might be eligible.

Membership/Insurance Fee:

There is a £25.00 annual club membership fee which is due by the start of the September term each year and enables your child to train and compete with us for the whole school year. This is usually requested in July / August and can be paid then to guarantee your child’s place at club for the following school year. 

From September to March the cost for full annual membership is £25.00. For those who join part way through the school year from April onwards the price drops to £17.50 to cover club membership until the end of September 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: The club membership fee covers our club Independent Gymnastics registration and insurance as well as Independent Gymnastics coach membership and insurance.


Term Dates:

Most Springbucks venues we run every week of the school term, excluding school holidays, half terms and any bank holidays. For the exact term dates at each venue please click on TERM TIME CLASSES the top menu, scroll down to TERM DATES AND PRICES then on the right is a list of TERM DATES AND PRICES for each Springbucks Venue so simply click on the page you need.