Codes of Conduct

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our members.  The club believes it is important that all members, coaches, officials and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.  The clubs aim is for all members to have fun, whilst learning in a safe and happy environment.  These codes of conduct are set to help us achieve our aims.

Springbucks Club Member Code of Conduct

  • Arrive at the session on time and participate fully in the warm up.
  • Keep a good attitude and willingness to learn and take instruction from the coach.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the lesson. Hair tied back and no jewellery. Wearing socks is compulsory for trampoline sessions.
  • Inform coach of any injuries or illness before taking part in the warm up.
  • Take responsibility for any medication you may need to take during the session, such as an inhalor / epipen etc, and speak to your coach immediately if you think you need to use it. (For children under 7 we ask parents to ensure these are handed in to the head coach at the beginning of the session and picked up again at the end.)
  • Be friendly, encouraging and respectful to other club members and coaches.
  • Always listen to and obey club coaches instructions.
  • No chewing gum or eating food during sessions. Drinks bottles must be kept at the side of the hall, away from the mats and equipment.
  • Only have a go on equipment when asked to by your coach and perform only the skills they are asking you to work on. Do not attempt new skills without the permission of your coach.
  • Talk to your coach straight away if you have any concerns about the move you are trying, if you are feeling unwell or have injured yourself.
  • Always ask for permission to leave the hall if you need to use the toilet.
  • No running in the hall except if the coach has asked you to as part of the session.
  • Remain in the hall at the end of your session until collected and signed out by a parent or guardian (unless you are in Year 7+ and have permission to walk home / wait outside alone)

As a UK Gymnastics Affiliated Club we also adhere to the UK GYMNASTICS CODE OF CONDUCT FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE



Springbucks Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct

  • Complete all club registration forms and keep details up to date.
  • Arrive at sessions on time and keep the club informed if your child is ill or unable to attend.
  • Obtain medical consent for your child to participate if necessary, for example post long term or severe illness or injury or for specific special needs.
  • Keep the club informed of any ongoing medical issues or medication your child may need to take during the session, such as an inhalor or epipen etc, and make sure your child has access to that medication during every session they attend. For children under 7 we would ask that any medication is handed into the head coach at the start of the session, and for those 7 and over it is your call whether you would like your child to keep their medication with their bag, or hand it in.
  • Bring your child in good health to participate in the session and make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and abide by them.
  • Congratulate your child on a good performance.
  • Help your child enjoy their sport and never force your child to take part.
  • Always collect your child on time after the session. Inform a member of staff if there is a possibility you will be late.
  • Endeavour to have a good relationship and communication with the club and coaches.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times within the club venue.
  • No photography or videos to be taken during club sessions or competitions. Please ask for permission if you would like your child to pose for a photo for you after their session.
  • Talk to staff about any concerns or complaints you have using the complaints procedure.
  • Any concerns about child welfare, inside or outside the club, should be reported directly to the club welfare officer Mark Middleton on 07885 857014.

As a UK Gymnastics Affiliated Club we also adhere to the UK GYMNASTICS CODE OF CONDUCT FOR PARENTS AND CARERS

Springbucks Coaches, Judges and Officials Code of Conduct

  • Arrive to sessions on time, wearing suitable clothing, and no jewelry and in good health / fit and able to coach/judge.
  • Never arrive to club sessions under the influence of alcohol.
  • Set up equipment in a safe and efficient manner and make sure you are happy with the safety of the equipment and venue before starting a session or taking your group on a piece of apparatus. Inform the club manager / coach in charge of the session if you have any concerns.
  • Build good relationships with the children, parents and other members of staff.
  • Consider the safety and well-being of participants before the development of performance.
  • Make sure you are teaching appropriate skills for age, ability, experience and using relevant progression. Prepare the children physically and mentally for new skills.
  • Be a good example for members of the club. Good attitude, appearance, behaviour and not using inappropriate language at any time during club activities.
  • Praise participants for their efforts not just achievements and promote fair play within the sport.
  • Attend training courses, gain appropriate qualifications and keep them valid. Always make sure you have appropriate insurance cover.
  • ALWAYS report any incident, referrals or disclosures immediately to the child protection officer Mark Middleton on 07885 857014.
  • Adhere to all Springbucks Gymnastics Club policies and procedures and all guidelines laid down by UK Gymnastics.

As a UK Gymnastics Affiliated Club we also adhere to the UK GYMNASTICS CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS